I had the longest break from blogging

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved reading blogs and loved cooking and so she set up her own blog The Girl in The Kentish Kitchen (yup, you can still find it if you have a little look for it) and she blogged pretty inconsistently for a few years chasing the impossible dream of being a “Big Blogger”. It never happened, disenchantment ensued and then posts dwindled down to nothing. Silence. The End. 

Since then I have kept on reading blogs, I’ve seen many great bloggers leave the community and many pretty bad bloggers become famous and make their fortunes from writing some pretty appalling blog posts (or paying their “assistants” to do it for them) and shilling out their souls to get those ever important clicks. Not that I’m bitter. I’m not. It just frustrated me and quite honestly its still does.

Add to it some pretty  dark days, days when getting up was tough – the world became a pretty grey place for me, a place where I couldn’t garner joy from anything. This meant I just.stopped.cooking – me the girl who loved cooking in her kitchen in Kent. I just stopped. And lived on a bad diet of chicken nuggets and waffles and toast and lots of butter. Not forgetting the red wine, far to much of that too. When you are numb from life you become numb from the joy in cooking and eating good food – which is quite simply one of lives greatest pleasures for me.

This summer when days didn’t seem quite so grey I decided that loosing the excess six stone I have managed to gain over my thirty years on this planet would be a good “project” to focus on. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, I am far too lazy and terrible at any sort of accountability, really I am. So with the support of a couple of good friends we all took deep breaths and went into a drafty hall (maybe a slight exaggeration as it was summer) to join Slimming World.

Oh I was dubious, I was sceptical, I was not keen on certain elements of the plan (i’m still not to be honest). But guess what, it works. Here I am at the end of October and I’m still following the rules and I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone. I’m not as strict as I could be but then I’m a firm believer in moderation and if I can’t live a realistic lifestyle around Slimming World then I would have given up a long time ago.

Loosing 2 1/2 stone has been pretty life changing for me; I am healthier, I have started running again, I sleep better, my skin is as good as it has ever been. However there is something else that has happened, perhaps – my love of cooking has re-emerged  and cooking healthy, nourishing meals has become a priority again.  The joy has returned to our little kitchen in Kent and my love is thrilled that he get “rachael food” once again.

My fingers have itched to write about this journey and to share my culinary adventures once again and I debated resurrecting my old blog, but it just felt wrong. This is my fresh start and a brand new blog, with a brand new name seemed fitting to my situation. This will be my space to write my musings, my tales of loosing weight, my feasts and my failings (trust me some slimming world meals are complete fails). Not every meal will be Slimming World friendly but most of them will be as that is a true reflection of my diet presently. I’m not doing this for fame, for followers or for likes. I’m doing this for me, to record this exciting period of my life, to motivate me and help me stay motivated.

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